Connection Culture Live Workshops

Workshops that inspire you to connect and engage


In our keynote speeches, half-day, one-day, and two-day interactive workshops, we teach participants about leadership, teamwork, productivity, innovation, and employee engagement based on our proprietary Connection Culture model.   Workshops are highly participative, and managers and individual contributors always take away specific actions they can use to increase connection in their organizations. The description and list of what participants will learn are set forth below:

Connection Culture

A Proven Path to Boost Employee Engagement, Productivity, and Innovation

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, change and complexity are accelerating. Together they threaten to overwhelm many leaders and individual contributors. To achieve sustainable superior performance, leaders of organizations must intentionally create a workplace culture that helps people thrive and that inspires them to give their best efforts, share their knowledge, and align their behavior with organizational goals. Few leaders do this well. In most organizations, two-thirds of employees are not engaged and performing near their potential, as Gallup research has clearly shown over the last decade. 

 Leaders who develop and maintain a workplace culture infused with connection see a marked difference. Employees in a workplace with a high degree of connection are more productive, more engaged, more creative, better at making decisions, more collaborative and cooperative, and less likely to leave. They also benefit from experiencing greater wellness and wellbeing.

During the Connection Culture Workshop, we help leaders learn how to develop a culture that boosts employee engagement, strategic alignment, productivity, innovation, and overall organizational performance. Through case studies, relevant research, and best practices, we equip leaders to take your organization to a higher level of performance.



  • A practical vocabulary of culture in the context of the workplace
  • 3 types of workplace cultures
  • How our brain, nervous, and endocrine systems work best in certain workplace cultures
  • 7 universal human needs to thrive at work
  • 5 distinct ways connection boosts the performance of organizations and provides a competitive advantage
  • How a Connection Culture strengthens an organization’s marketplace of ideas and fuels innovation
  • How a Connection Culture advances diversity and inclusion
  • How a Connection Culture protects an organization’s reputation and brand value
  • The simple, memorable, and actionable 3V Leadership Model
  • Best practices to create and maintain a Connection Culture.
   “People were raving ... the evaluations from our 200 attendees were
through the roof!! These results are the highest we have seen in years
and the comments were all positive.”

—Tara Seager, President
New Jersey Organization Development Learning Community
   “Actionable information was presented that we have all taken back to our individual departments. Thank you for the excellent workshop.”

—Ben Gillis, Engineering Manager 
General Dynamics Electric Boat
“Your presentation was powerful and the buzz among
the MBA Executive students was fantastic.”

—Marian Chapman Moore, 
Professor, MBA for Executive Program
Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia
“Great job...the message resonated with our people.”

—Chris Mader, Vice President Growth Strategy & Development
Randstad Technologies, NA
“Our clients evaluated your seminar an average of 6.6 on a scale of 1-7 (7 being the highest).  Several wrote it was among best seminars they'd ever attended.”

—Mary Held, Chair, Institute for Management Studies, Columbus, Ohio