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QUIZ: What Culture Do You Work In?

Culture affects your productivity, health and happiness. Discover which culture you work in: connection, control or indifference.
A Manhattan Project meeting in March 1940. Inspiring Identity played a key role in the project's success. Employee Engagement How Inspiring Identity Fuels Team Performance Michael Lee Stallard Vision represents the cultural element of inspiring identity. As the following story illustrates, inspiring identity is a crucial factor in team performance and can help organizations overcome tremendous obstacles. Inspiring Identity and the Manhattan Project In Warren Bennis and... Read More
Circus tents. Article on the ringmaster approach to leadership. Leadership The Ringleader Approach to Leading Teams Paul LaRue Think for a moment about how many teams work within your organization. There are the set teams such as finance, R&D, logistics, operations, and sales. Then there are the temporary or impromptu teams that organize for a presentation or special... Read More
Manager helping a C employee with work Leadership Prepare to be Amazed by “C” Employees Mary Jo Asmus Every leader/manager, if they are honest, has A, B, and C employees. The “A” employees are high potential, self-motivated and rare. The “B” employees are solid performers, who do good work. The “C” employees can range from needing too... Read More
Employee who needs to be motivated Leadership One Last Time: How do You Motivate People? Wally Bock How do you motivate people? That’s a trick question. The fact is that you can’t motivate anyone else. People motivate themselves. All you can do is create an environment where they’re more likely to motivate themselves to do things... Read More