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QUIZ: What Culture Do You Work In?

Culture affects your productivity, health and happiness. Discover which culture you work in: connection, control or indifference.
White House portrait of Abraham Lincoln (cropped) Career 3 Ways to Lead Like Lincoln Michael Lee Stallard It’s fashionable in the media and politics today to be quick to speak, to dominate conversations and be self-righteous. We see this frequently in movies and television shows too. These attributes are thought to be signs of intelligence, assertiveness... Read More
Two people working together according to team culture Workplace 4 Vital Truths of Team Culture Wally Bock Many people have paraphrased Marvin Bower and defined “culture” as “the way we do things around here.” Culture is your team’s unwritten rules and core values. Here are four vitally important truths about team culture. 1. Every team has... Read More
Four professionals representing different types of connectors Career Which Type of Connector Are You? Michael Lee Stallard Each of us acts in ways that increase connection at times and decrease it at others. In general, though, individuals tend to fall into one of three categories when it comes to connection. Which type most often describes you?... Read More