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QUIZ: What Culture Do You Work In?

Culture affects your productivity, health and happiness. Discover which culture you work in: connection, control or indifference.
Victorious climber at top of mountain represents resilience Wellness The Promise and Potential of Resilience Training Glenn R. Schiraldi Have you ever wondered what keeps people sane and functioning at a high level during our most difficult times? Resilience! And what keeps us from developing stress-related conditions, such as depression, anxiety, drug abuse, and insomnia – and helps... Read More
Image of brutally honest workplace with employees yelling at each other Workplace Beware the Brutally Honest Workplace Michael Lee Stallard An old fad is making a comeback: the “brutally honest workplace.” From my vantage point, interacting with your colleagues using “radical candor” or “radical transparency” is a subtle—and sometimes not so subtle—form of verbal assault that seems to be... Read More